World Class Security Features

PayMaya Enterprise Security Features

PCI-DSS Certified

Protects cardholders from the misuse of personal information.
MasterCard 3D Secure

Empowers users to authenticate online credit and debit card transactions.
CSC Verification Check

Checks Card Verification Code correctness.

Runs a quick check of consumer and merchant profiles to enhance fraud detection.
Merchant Risk Analysis

Ensures availability of certified, safe, and credible merchants.
IP Address Location Checking

Identifies origin of transactions for fraud detection input without invading user privacy.
High Risk IP Address and Email Checking

Proactive detection of high-risk transactions based on transaction origin.
Two-Factor Authentication

Allows transactions only after authentication of what users know and have.
Proxy Detection

Proactive detection and preventive action against fraudsters who spoof IP addresses.
BIN to Country Matching

Matches credit card’s country of origin with Bank Identification Number (BIN) from where the purchase came from.
Post-Query Analysis

Post-Query Analysis
Filters fraudulent transaction patterns and makes corresponding countermeasures.